Recreating my new Notting Hill kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen/dining room. It's the trickiest space in the house because it seems like 2 separate spaces, but they bleed into each other and can't really be treated separately. And there's not enough closed storage for my taste - so ugly stuff has to be "out" - like the microwave and tea kettle. So... how to make the best of it? These are the joys of a rental (even a beautiful one).
open brass shelves with ceramic bowls, stemless champagne flutes, and artwork.

The first solution was more storage (shelves are currently on sale)! Decided to keep it open and put my prettiest bits there and dress it up (the microwave isn't pretty, but this was my best option). In addition to my glassware and plates and bowls, I've added in art (my obsession with lemons is real) and some favorite souvenirs (the pig is from Morocco and the donkey is from Mexico). The baskets hide the booze and kitchen linens. The little vintage alabaster lights also add just the right amount of evening ambient light.
marble and brass dining table with shearling seats
Torso statue | Zulu pot | Non, je ne regrette rien print | Simone Bodmer Turner Ceramic vessel | Julian Merrow Smith Still life painting

I think this is the prettiest view of the space. I had an unreachable dream table by the Invisible Collection, a very pretty pinkish marble. So I found my own slab and (antique) base and came as close as I could. Dining chairs are so hard! They need to be comfy, but also cool. Very hard to find - all the ones I loved were so pricey. these are a fine middle ground. I bought the set of 6 on ebay and had them upholstered in inexpensive shearling bought on Etsy. The art is a bit of a mix - some I made myself (the X and the black and white abstract), the vintage still life and the little lemon (again) on Etsy and the Julian Merrow Smith baguette. I am buying too much art these days. I've run out of walls and need to stop - or maybe launch a new collection??
convexed mirror above sink with antique rugs and french doors leading out onto balcony

The French doors really make this space. It brings in all the light and the antique railway mirror reflects it and bounces it around. I think it's a great, unexpected touch over the sink. Less unexpected is the rug - that's an essential, especially in a neutral space like this. I love all three of these and each one is available on the site right now.
large gas stove with small marble shelves above

For a rental, this stove is quite a bonus. So pretty! This side is more functional (as Brits won't put any electrical anywhere near the sink), so we've got small appliances and oils and spices. The butter dish is such a fun piece but it doesn't look like Yalande makes them anymore, so I've linked the most similar piece I could find. If only everything functional could be art (still looking for a pretty kettle...)

That's mostly it! Let me know if you have questions on anything I didn't cover! I would also love to hear what you think or what you would do!

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