Recreating my main bedroom & bathroom

The best part of this bedroom is actually the view out the French doors. It overlooks a small patio, completely private with trees and hydrangea. Not to mention the little animal friends we've made with the birdfeeder. Every morning I open the curtains and spend a few minutes enjoying the serenity. And that's what a bedroom should be all about to me - relaxation!

Tip: blackout curtains are an essential for me but the ones I bought had a grey cast. So I just sewed a sheet of really beautiful linen at the top and let it hang freely.


Crystal Mother Mary - follow @killdie for the latest drops. They sell out instantly!

I know the cool bed is a simple coverlet and 2 pillows, but I am SUCH a bed person. I need it to look like an invitation - the most comfy mattress and pillows, the fluffiest (and kind of heavy) feather duvet, and THE best sheets. I want to crawl into this bed every time I see it. Ha! True temptation. The chair usually is just a place for my partner's discarded clothing. :)

I had a real quest for bedside tables that I liked. I need storage (closed) for all the little bits. I painted these black, but I love the brutalist vibe. The lamps (matching on both sides) are marble and give the loveliest glow and you can see all of the veining - mine are actually one of a kind but these Henry Wilson ones were my inspiration. They're  actually 50% off right now but still pretttty spendy.

The rest is just a collection of books and and functional items. My side has the candle (Overose Anthurium, which is my reining favorite). The little stool helps me reach the transom windows above the french doors - which is a stroke of genius, as I love to sleep with fresh air!

This bathroom WAS one of the clinchers of this rental (although the subsequent realities of glass sliding doors and the lack of privacy really available has thrown me a bit since). I use the tub almost exclusively. But those doors too! It's all very open, no closed storage, so I added my metal medical cabinet and lots of baskets! The stool was a great find with one of my fav IG vintage sellers. Stay tuned on IG for a list of my favs.
Just another shot of the tub. The FL rug really is a fav (do I always say that?). But you can see baskets everywhere for storage. (Side note - I am going to bring back the OG medicine cabinet. Why aren't we doing that right now? It's beyond practical). 

Oh and, if you end up buying any of these pieces we would LOVE to see them in situ so please send us a photo.

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