Founded in 2014, Frances Loom is an international interiors brand that helps create comfortable, layered and soulful spaces. Born out of a love for interior design and an allergy to all things boring, our offering spans historical, unique pieces, our own designs, and small-batch collections from brands we love.

For us it’s personal - we believe that interiors are an extension of ourselves and our favorite spaces always feel interesting and collected. Our goal is to bridge an iconic heritage perspective with a modern point of view; demonstrating how old pieces work in new builds, period properties and everything in between.

Every single thing we sell is something we would have in our own homes. We’ve been known to dabble in furniture, art, candles and cushions. Of course, antique rugs remain a constant. No matter what’s on offer, it’s all in effort to one goal - loving your space.

Each antique piece has its own story - especially rugs. We love the wear obtained from years of footfall or little imperfections where a less-experienced weaver has tried their hand. It’s an age-old art where no two pieces are the same.

Our ethos

We are committed to curating quality-driven pieces that transcend trends. All of our pieces (antique and contemporary) have been made by skilled craftspeople using natural, locally sourced materials that stand the test of time. We always curate with these attributes in mind, and have the utmost respect for the provenance and people behind our pieces.

About Heather

Heather Kane is the owner and principal designer of Frances Loom. A lifelong aesthete (hello libra), she nurtured a passion for renovation and interiors while building tech companies around the world.

Heather has designed all of her own spaces, many of which have been published in interior magazines and blogs (and they’re some of the most loved images on Frances Loom’s Instagram). She’s currently renovating a Victorian flat in Notting Hill, and you can get all the updates by following @byheatherkane (a more personal deep dive into all things reno-related).

Heather’s taste spans many design styles and Frances Loom is a curated collection of pieces she loves. From Tibetan prayer rugs to chunky jutes and classic antiques, she lives for that signature Frances Loom look: layered, eclectic, and interesting—yet peaceful.