Moroccan rugs: how I've styled them over the years

I've long been a big lover of a creamy, fluffy Beni Ourain rugs as well as the wild colors of some of the other Moroccan tribes. The pieces I love are handmade, one of a kind, and perfect for when you want something super lush underfoot. I've had them in all of my London flats, and think they pair perfectly with the FL mainstay of the worn rugs we love.
My first flat was a NY-style loft apartment that needed lots of warming up. I had 3 in here.
a colorful Moroccan rug beside a modern bath tub
a black Berber rug beside a large bed with lush white linen bedding
a large vintage Berber in a NY-style apartment
When I moved to my second flat in Notting Hill, I kept some of the same pieces! In an open space, the rugs need to relate in some way, and while I love the look of all vintage worn rugs, it's a strong vibe and I prefer to mix and match. You can see the FL rug in the kitchen, right next to the big Beni in the dining room.
a large Berber rug under an antique dining table, with a smaller antique rug visible in the kitchen beyond.
a black Berber rug lies beside a large bed.
I later switched the black one for this yummy colorful Heriz - my first official FL rug. 
a colorful large Heriz rug beneath a large bed, with an antique wooden bench beside it.
In my last flat in Marylebone, I had all sorts of Moroccan mixed with jute and the classic FL rugs.
the end of a Moroccan berber rug with bright pink accents
a large Moroccan berber rug styled beneath a large bed with cushy white linen bedding
a Moroccan berber rug beside a dark blue velvet chaise long
In areas where you want cushy, luxe texture, not much can beat a Moroccan rug. They're handmade, totally unique and perfect for a collected, mixed aesthetic. We think they pair perfectly with our classic look, especially in open spaces!

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