The Instagram accounts lifting our lockdown spirits

You've gotta hand it to the people of Instagram... heaps of the content throughout lockdown has been so creative, entertaining & uplifting, it really is no wonder our screen time reports are higher than ever. From hilarious impressions to dreamy interiors, and travel nostalgia, the Frances Loom team has rounded up some of our favorite accounts for you all to enjoy. We'd love you to share whatever you've been enjoying in the comments!

Heather's top 3


Addictive step-by-step renovating porn. This Fashion designer & Art teacher duo are restoring an East London Victorian home with no hired help! 


I wish I could shop in their store, but I've had to settle for living through their IG!


I urge you to take a deep dive into Karyn's feed for allllll the art and nostalgia!

Lexi's top 3


This account blew me away the moment I discovered it, and I've been absolutely obsessed ever since! 


Chrissy Teigen is the gift that keeps on giving. She's hands down one of the funniest people on Instagram in my opinion!


Let's just say I didn't know I wanted to go to Maine... until I found Julie's feed. 


Kelly's top 3


If you haven't seen his impressions series, they are absolutely AMAZING.


My favorite astrologer breaking down what's happening in the stars to make more sense of what's happening in the world right now!


Temporarily fulfilling my travel itch, with the dreamiest photos of my favorite place: ITALY!

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