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Interiors will always be my oldest and truest love; whether in person or in a picture, seeing a beautiful space evokes the same feeling now, as it did when I was 7. While the feeling itself is hard to describe, it was my first real marker of knowing something and it continues to be the easiest way for me to escape and unwind. That's why each month, Heather and I choose one of our favorite interior moments, in the hope it evokes a similar feeling within you. 
We're kicking things off with the perfect outdoor/indoor summer retreat, tucked away in the rural British countryside. I found it on Unique Homestays, who have the most incredible curated collection of extraordinary homes throughout the UK.
This 16th century stone cottage is the epitome of rustic charm. Just look at those vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and the brick floor. There are even a few old farmer's tools hanging on the left-hand wall!!
The owners, Mervyn and Niki, have optimized the amazing view by leaving the big doors open, and facing as much of the furniture towards them.
I'm a big fan of the distressed floorboards and quirky bespoke basin, and the antler is a lovely touch too.
It's tricky for properties this old to be so open-plan without losing a bit of their cozy charm, but the owners have nailed it by creating smaller spaces with clusters of furniture, and by adding lots of thoughtful touches like antique vases, fresh flowers, and chunky throws.
And finally, just when you thought this place couldn't get any more romantic, you go outside... The cottage is hidden within an ancient fruit farm and has its own apple orchard and private fishing lake.
You'll find Heather & I eating grapes by the fire and frolicking in the pond, the minute lockdown is lifted! 
Head over to Unique Homestays to book your own visit.

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This is so special. When you mentioned the open space and clusters of furniture, they really did accomplish creating a beautiful space visually. I thought of how hard that can be. Many times people end up making an open space look cluttered or boring.

This is such a unique special place. Not your average suburban big house although nice they’re rarely special.

Thanks for sharing.

Juanita Calmes October 15, 2021

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