Design Polls: The results are in!

Our Instagram Design Polls started in the midst of lockdown, when we were spending more time at home than ever before. Along with box set bingeing and lots of lounging around in sweatpants, this inevitably led to us reassessing our surroundings and getting excited about how we could improve our homes. Since then we've gone on to cover everything from wallpaper to washbasins, bookshelves, and bathrooms. 

Not only has this been a great way to justify hours of scrolling through Pinterest, but it's also allowed us to open up the conversation and engage with all of you! Absolutely nothing beats seeing your reactions, hearing your thoughts, and chatting away for hours in the comments. It’s fascinating and sometimes quite surprising!! So, today I’m sharing our most-loved of each poll, starting from the very beginning. Let’s go…


We found 3 beautiful brick fireplaces and asked which one you liked best; exposed, dark, or white. The vast majority of you voted for #1, which happens to be inside Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s eco-conscious home.



Whether it's reclaimed floorboards, painted planks, or sleek shiplap, we're seeing wood everywhere and we wanted to know your opinion. Captains Rest (#1) was the clear winner, with over one-third of the votes!


From understated elegance to laidback linen, and all-out luxury - it turns out you guys feel pretty strongly about where you lay your heads! This poll received the most votes so far, with the majority of you choosing #1 - a guest suite designed by Jake Arnold for Lauren & Aaron Paul. See more of their Idaho getaway here



As one of the oldest and most versatile design features of all time (allegedly dating back over 25,000 years) it's no wonder they come in so many shapes and sizes. From big tiles, to teeny weeny tiles and spectacularly colorful ones too! Most of you opted for #1, with 2 and 4 in joint second. And for those asking, here's more of number of #4 - a beautiful cottage in rural Puglia.



From ancient portraits to religious paraphernalia and minimal masterpieces, the world really is your oyster when it comes to gallery walls! We asked you guys to pick a favorite, and most of you said #1. I'm glad we can (almost) all agree that John Derian is the best at this kinda thing... 



A butcher's, a baker's, a candlestick maker's… a pigsty, a print works, and a chapel. We asked which of these converted properties you liked best, and the majority of you opted for this old Croatian barn



As you can probably tell, we were reeeaally desperate to travel by this point... so we asked you to choose between an old Italian palace, a Balinese villa, and many other gorgeous spots. The results were extremely tight, but #1 just about made it to the top, with the English cottage and Malibu beach house coming in joint second.  



They're arguably one of the most functional and decorative design features of all time, but with one for practically every style and space, they're also quite divisive! In the end, #1 scraped into first place. Here's a closer look inside the incredible West Village townhouse belonging to Maura Tierney. 


Since moving to the UK, I’ve become aware of just how much Brits love them some wallpaper. It was out of style for quite some time in the US, but has been coming back in the last 5 years or so, and I’m not mad! I rounded up a bunch of the designers leading the way and asked whose handiwork you liked best... most of you said #6, a beautiful bathroom designed by Lauren Haskett, with a hand-painted mural by Susan Harter


Colorful Kitchens

From subtle hues to vibrant accents - colorful kitchens are all the rage these days, and I have the utmost respect for anyone brave enough to take the plunge. Of the examples we chose, it's no surprise the dark green deVOL kitchen (#1) got the most votes.


Books are one of the best ways to add instant personality, style, and color to our homes, but how we choose to display them is a whole new ball game. From bespoke joinery to simple stand-alone shelving, we rounded up some of our favorites, and Casa Ricart (#9) got most of the votes.


As far as I’m concerned, you can’t beat a good archway. They’re such an understated yet intriguing and timeless touch, and I love that they’re cropping up more frequently in interior design! From windows to doorways and cozy nooks, we asked which one you found the most inspiring. The results were a tie, with Leanne Ford's dreamy white bathroom (#3) and Laura Harrier's Morrocan-inspired hammam (#9) coming joint first. 



Sinks have been taking center stage in so many of the design projects I’m following, and I’m absolutely loving it! From antique dough trays to sleek marble, we asked which one you were loving the most. The rough-hewn stone in #1 was the clear winner! Here's more of that amazing Hamptons beach house designed by Hernandez Greene. 


And that's it so far! Thank you so so much to all of you who've got involved. We've loved seeing your genuine passion and enthusiasm for design, and will keep coming up with new polls to share with you. If you have any ideas then please do let us know in the comments.

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