How to style: Artwork

Collecting art is one of my favorite things to do - it's so rewarding to source new pieces and figure out how to style them alongside your existing artworks. Whether you're a fan of ancient oil paintings, emerging artists, or (like us) a combination of the two, here are some tips about how best to display your beloved art, along with some of our favorite pieces from the Antiques Collection

Mixing is key

Think of it as a cocktail made up of different measures, flavors, and textures. If you ask us, the same logic should be applied to artwork, with the variation of size and styles arguably being the most important. We've placed this still life in Heather's kitchen, with some larger minimalist pieces. Even though it's smaller, the piece still takes center stage due to the contrast in style and color.

Perfect Placement  

Displaying a piece of art doesn’t have to mean nailing a hole in the wall - we love to lean pieces against walls and command strips are also a great, versatile option if you’re renting or doing a photoshoot like we are here. 

If I’m hanging multiple pieces, I love to arrange them on the floor first, to gauge scale and spacing. We've incorporated this gorgeous portrait by British artist, Ben Carrivick, into the gallery wall under my stairs. 


Consider Color 

It's so important to bear color in mind when it comes to art placement. Whether you're combining several different tones or sticking to a more limited palette, ask yourself if they complement each other, before you commit to hanging a piece. 

Here we've styled a detail study by Carrivick, with some antique beads in a similar palette, and a couple of darker accents for contrast. 


Effective framing 

Framing artwork is a great cost effective and simple way to elevate a piece. We’ve put this monochrome oil painting in an antique gilt frame to add depth and color, and help it stand out against the piece behind it.


Sometimes less is more 

Don't feel compelled to create a gallery wall in every room. Sometimes, a single painting or a pair can be the most impactful. We love this simple set up of an original landscape painting with an antique portrait above it, and this single portrait by Hope Joseph in the same space. 

All of the artwork featured is available in our Antiques Collection, along with many other unique pieces. We hope you found this inspiring and are more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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