Heather's Notting Hill Flat Tour

I 80% love and 20% hate doing up a new place. This one is an unfurnished rental, so there's lots of working around things you didn't choose, but I really love how this flat feels. The light, the energy, the views.. it feels good to live here, and that's always the goal!
a large bay window with exposed wood and a cozy shearling poof beside it
Ta-da! The front room and my second favorite in the whole place. This front window was the BIG seller in this flat. So, so good and the starting point. The tree is the ever popular black olive, and the sheepskin pouf is great for extra seating.
a glass cabinet with brass brackets, containing crystals and various other delicate, decorate items. A black Eames chair sits beside the cabinet, with a marble fireplace just behind it.
This cabinet came with me and all of the things in this pic are old favorites.
the restoration hardware cloud sofa with a large cream-colored fabric canvas behind it, and various earthy-toned pillows and throws.
New fav coffee table (from Atelier 278) is honed red travertine. The rattan lamp is vintage and the sconces are Christiane Lemieux for Anthropologie. The ebonised butcher block side table is from Studio 125 and the sofa is the cloud by Restoration Hardware. The art is something I made myself. Also, shout out to our dreamy checkerboard cushion by soosumsee and sheepskin cushions in clay!
a large French antique mirror sits on top of a large marble fireplace, with a black eames chair and pink-colored Turkish rug in front.
The vibe is very low contrast and the layering rug really helps the rug pop. You MAY recognise the chandelier from my old bedroom - I'll never give it up. The Simone Bodmer Turner sculpture found a new home, next to one of our In Omnia Paratus prints. And the frame TV - I'm always changing up the art.
an antique wardrobe, pasted with wallpaper which depicts a washed landscape scene. Beside it sits an antique African chair, with a piece of brass religious iconography above.
No hall closet meant I had to create some coat storage, so I found this little cabinet on facebook marketplace for £40. I customized a mural with Surface View and wallpapered it on. Pretty impressed with my own DIY. I love how it came out. 
Heather standing beside a marble dining table with brass base. Behind is a pair of french doors painted white
The living room opens to the dining room/kitchen, and this is the tricky area. There's not a lot of closed storage and I'm a hide-away-the-practical-stuff kind of person, especially when it can be seen from the living room. So it's half function, half art gallery (much to the dismay of my boyfriend - heehee). The dining table is a new marble top on vintage brass mastercraft bases. We stripped and reupholstered some mid century chairs with sheepskin.
a wall of artworks, antique gold frames and wooden bowls, styled on top of a built in kitchen drawers.
A better view of the art wall and table top. 
a set of open wood shelves with brass brackets, containing various glasses, artworks, crockery and wine bottles.
Not quite enough storage in the kitchen, so to make it work, I bought a pretty shelving unit and filled it with the nicer bits (and the necessary microwave for a non-cook).
a large concave mirror hangs above a kitchen sink, with an antique rug beside it. There are two French doors leading out onto a wooden patio.
Tucked out of view are the oven and the sink, and the french doors lead onto a lovely terrace. We always keep those doors open, and I rotate rugs in this spot all the time!
a cozy home office with an antique rug, green leather office chair and vintage wooden table, with a computer and other office items lying on top.
On the landing, a little office. This is my boyfriend's space - I stay out. but I did influence the rug and the vintage desk. (that's as out of it as I can stay!)
a long hallway with a yellow snake runner and styled shelves running the length of the wall. A monochrome artwork is visible on the left-hand wall.
Heading downstairs to the bedrooms, we have a great big roomy hallway that makes the basement feel light and airy. (I had this rug custom made for the 24 ft hallway, so good, right?)
the primary bedroom with a large king-size bed and lots of creamy colored linen bedding.
FAV room in the house is actually the main bedroom. It's light and always cool (temperature, which I love), but the best part is the French doors to the cute little garden full of hydrangea and birds and squirrels (that might have names!). It is peaceful and so pretty, and I love the vintage rattan chair.
a black bedside table with various antique trinkets on top. A long white linen curtain hangs to the right, and the corner of the bed is visible to the left.
So calm and serene. Bedside table is Soho Home (painted black), lights and bust are vintage, and the rug is one of our wool flat weave layering rugs
a large en suite bathroom with exposed wood floorboards, a pretty antique runner rug and free standing charcoal-colored bath tub.
aaaaand the en-suite bathroom isn't at all bad! Look at that tub (I have only used the shower once). Behind the door is my boyfriend's closet, but the doors are so pretty! It's a huge space with sliding glass doors - another big selling point of the flat. (also, this is the best runner!! so FL.)
a freestanding bath tub with antique wooden stool beside it and various cosmetic products resting on a tray over the tub.
Another gratuitous tub shot. and proof that jute and vintage rugs work so well together.
Heather sits in her walk in wardrobe/closet. A large window is visible behind her, with luscious greenery and flowers on view.
I am using the smallest of the three bedrooms as a closet. Indulgent? Yes. Spoiled? Also yes. The wall to the right is full of Ikea closets. The huge window makes this space a dream.
a vignette of Heather's antique cupboard turned shoe-rack, with various artworks, jewellery dishes and trinkets resting on top.
Even the closet gets art (and ALL the jewelry). Storey by Storey did the gold leaf piece and Karyn Lyons did the lips.
the guest bedroom with a large neutral-toned antique rug, and a bed with neutral and black bedding on top.
The guest bedroom is bigger than the main bedroom and has the sweet little fireplace. The rug is such a great neutral, and our ecru cocoon is folded on the bench - I believe in ALL the blankets. 
a wooden bedside table with a large sculpted candle resting on top. The corner of the neutral-toned antique rug is also visible.
I love these wall lights by Viola Lanari. I had them switched for the rental, but I'll install them in our next project. :)  
a large antique wooden armoire with a full length gilt mirror beside it. A cozy shearling pouf sits beside the cupboard.
No closets anywhere, so this beautiful armoire works in here. The antique gilt mirror was one of my first London purchases and it's found a home in every place. The fabulous checkerboard sheepskin cushion is by the Iris Edit - I love lots of textures to make things cozy.

I hope you like it! Some places come together easily and some are a bit tougher. This place fought me a bit, so it's taken some time, but I promise to get better with behind the scenes!


a floor plan of the two-floor flat.


Photos are by Belle Daughtry 
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