Recreating my Kitchen

kitchen with brass accents and white arch
As with lots of kitchens these days, mine is the hub of my home (even though I'm no cook). It was one of the first rooms I designed when I bought the flat. It's also had 5 or 6 redesigns before we landed here (thank you the heritage police).

The Countertops

Calcutta gold - my absolute fav warm white marble with veins of grey and gold running through. Mine are honed, which I prefer. The shelf is a brilliant idea borrowed from the best - Joseph Dirand. His old kitchen was the main inspo. 

gold calcutta marble with shelf

The Cabinets 

These cabinets are bespoke (by my amazing joiners and contractors Maddison and Sons) but they're simple single panel, flat panel doors - shaker style. They're painted in Lamp Black by Little Greene (we tested so many colours and all the greys looked navy. Sooooo important to test in place). The insets are un-lacquered brass metal mesh panels and fixed with fine brass trim. The wall you don't see is 12 feet high and every panel has the insets. It's a wall of warm brass and hides the fridge, ovens and other kitchen needs. It's my personal favourite part of the kitchen.

I sourced and ordered the wire mesh myself. The company cut to specific panel sizes so my joiner could just pop them in and secure. This style is the closest I see on the website, but mine is a little thicker.

The smartest thing that happened in this space is the tiny cabinet by the window. With the arrangement, we had a small space so decided to create a built in trash bin. It's hinged on the bottom and is fixed by a chain so it doesn't crash to the floor. It's so nice and tucked away - a great use of a weird spot.

dark grey kitchen cabinets with brass mesh inserts

 The Hardware

I wanted something clean and simple, so I managed to save here by finding solid un-lacquered brass handles on on Etsy.  

The Tap

This was a splurge. My architects Red Deer (who were brilliant, btw), found this pretty tap in un-lacquered brass. 

brass tap with marble splash back

The Artwork 

I am always buying art (now for FL - but fight wanting to keep it all), but I also source antique frames and have made my own art to go in them (because the frames are weird sizes usually). Like most of my projects, I think it will be quick and fun, but they often go sideways and end in swearing, because I'm not actually an artist. Ha. The X painting is a good example. (I do keep a pin board with the inspo for future art projects.

I find frames and much of the older art at markets and on eBay. The tricky thing is size/scale - finding a range of sizes makes the best gallery walls and collections, imho. I find the best search terms are specific like "antique oil landscape" "yellow sunset oil painting" "antique still life" and just stalk them. I searched those terms and found the paintings below. 

I also have a new little baguette oil by Julian Merrow-Smith. I absolutely loathe auction style because I just can't stay on top of it and there are professional swoopers! But... I do love his Postcards from Provence, and they're all auction.

 The Lighting 

My wall lights are antique French empire balloon sconces. I got mine for £50 at a market (a steal for the awesome condition) and had my electrician figure out a bulb situation that would work. Here are some similar styles: 

Crystal & Brass | Hot Air Balloon (these guys are big!) | Crystal Cupola (a good inexpensive option that would get the right look)

kitchen with crystal wall lights

 The Accessories

I love old wood pieces to warm up an otherwise shiny new kitchen. Etsy and eBay are my go-to's. Just search "antique cutting boards" and "antique wood bowl". The more rustic, the better. I've had wood bread trenchers and old root bowls too. I especially love when they've been repaired with metal patches and staples. 

antique wooden bowl with lemons

I have a black thumb and after murdering 3-4 lemon trees, I generously decided to go faux. Ha. There are so many good ones these days - but they can be pricey. This little guy's a cutie, and this one is more like mine. 

The ear is a favorite flea market find! So weird and quirky. I saw these on Etsy recently that are similar.

olive tree with ceramic ear wall art

Guys, I am obsessed with good branding and olive oils are having a serious makeover. I could be lost in this isle for an hour! Look at these:

GalantinoMirivalNunez de Prado

selection of Italian extra virgin olive oils

 The Rug

 I've had so many different ones- vintage, jute, none. But I would choose Asma or Ramsey (if I could fit it) right now! I love a vintage runner in a kitchen to add soul!

The Arch  

I actually created this to add interest to an otherwise plain wall. It wasn't expensive but I think works. Side note - I had it painted in this plaster effect by a brilliant artist but in the end I decided it was too dark. She did exactly what I thought I wanted but design is such a process (and lots of stuff gets changed).
plaster effect wall with hand painted mural
So that's all about the kitchen. Luckily you can't see my messy interiors (or the inside of my secret treat drawer). Please let me know if I missed anything or there are any questions!
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