Recreating my Bedroom

My mom thinks this bedroom is famous and it IS one of our most liked. We're always getting asked where certain things are from. So this post details every aspect - either linking to the exact same piece or a similar alternative. 

The Bed

I got a cheap frame and sewed a simple linen slipcover for the headboard myself, using a staple gun for the rails. If you'd rather skip the DIY, this bed is the most similar I could find.  
Japanese linen bed

The Chandelier 

This is an original 1920's design by Josef Hoffmann - you can often find it on 1st Dibs or stalk eBay if you have the patience! This contemporary replica is very similar, and this one is a great more affordable option.
ornate glass chandelier

The Wall lights

Mine are from the French brand Wo & Wé but this Wayfair design is great too!

wall lights

The Artwork

I've had so many different pieces in here over the years, but for a pencil sketch nude like this, I would suggest Etsy. The bigger the better so if you can't find a large one, it's worth asking them for a custom piece. 

Just after the original photo was taken I swapped the sketch for this larger painting by the British artist Alexandria Coe.
Alexandria Coe abstract nude paintings

The Rug  

A large antique blue based rug can be hard to find. We have a new range coming soon that will be just the ticket, but Heritage 0061 and 0094 would both be great too. 
Blue antique rugs

The Bedside 

I just stacked a couple of trunks on top of each other to form a table. Searching eBay for "vintage leather trunk" pulls up all kinds of gold. Just make sure to get one with a flat top.

On top I have a small vintage dish with a couple of crystals inside it. Our carved marble bowls are perfect for this kind of thing!

I found the gold wreath stand while on vacation in Greece, but this one has a really close resemblance.
Bed side table with vintage trinkets

The ben linen 

There are so many great places for bed linen but Parachute Home and Magic Linen are my favorites. I always have a dark blanket draped over my bed too and our mushroom linen throw is ideal for this. 
white bed linen

The yellow pillows 

I got mine from Soho Home two years ago and loved them so much I sourced a similar style for Frances Loom. Ours are square so they're perfect as euro shams by the headboard. 
Soho Home yellow velvet lumbar
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