A Frances Loom Christmas | The Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner, I've curated a guide full of beautiful, fun, and conscious gifts for everyone on your list. From delicately hand-stitched linen quilts to the ultimate Italian card game, our gifts may not include turtle doves or a partridge in a pear tree, but they're certainly just as special. 

And remember, there's no shame in gifting yourself one or two things. I certainly will be!

Aesop Oil Burner
1. Aesop |  Brass Oil Burner 
Both beautiful and functional, the Aesop Oil Burner is designed to be a refined alternative to traditional burners. Cast from solid brass, they really are a piece of art in their own right, and one that Heather and I are both proud owners of! 
Matilda Goad beeswax tapers
2.  Matilda Goad | Beeswax Candles
As well as being a great friend of mine, Matilda Goad is also a brilliant designer! Her elegant tapers are handmade in England and feature a unique ribbed design. Made from pure beeswax, the candles are said to have many health benefits and have a burning time of up to eight heavenly hours. 

Louis XIV candle
3. Cire TrudonLouis XIV 

Another piece of art for your home, this time in the form of a Louis  XIV wax reproduction. That's right, the original statue currently resides in Paris'  Musée du Louvre! It's hard to believe that this 35cm bust is really a candle, but believe me, I've seen him burning with my very eyes! I also have the Fir candle which carries a delicious Christmas tree scent.

Dinosaur Designs vase
4. Dinosaur Designs | Medium Resin Rockpool Vase 

I first discovered Dinosaur Designs while researching for a college project and instantly fell in love with their ethos; handmade, timeless pieces that are designed to be cherished for a lifetime. Sound familiar?? I love the unique character of each handmade piece and am particularly drawn to the intriguing amorphic silhouette of the Rockpool Vase.

Scopa Italian card game
5. Scopa
I can't get enough of this traditional Italian card game which has been passed through the generations of my dear friend and food stylist, Olivia Mack McCool's Italian family. Teaching me this game was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and I have every faith that you'll love it just as much. It's easy to pick up and can be played practically anywhere, preferably with a glass of wine in hand.
Normal People - a novel by Sally Rooney
6. Sally Rooney | Normal People

If you've read Sally Rooney’s wildly popular second novel, you're probably already buying it as a gift for several people. It tells the tender love story between two teenagers in Ireland and is so compelling it's already been passed through our entire Frances Loom team as well amongst our friends. It’s an easy read for the holiday break and it’s already being made into a short TV series, which we can’t wait for!

Buy here - from £6.16 / $11.48
Osea advanced protection cream
7. Osea Malibu | Advanced Protection Cream
Another best friend of mine, celebrity make up artist, Jenna Kristina, recommended these products to me some time ago and I've sworn by both of them ever since. All of Osea's products are made using non-toxic, vegan ingredients such as responsibly harvested  seaweed. The cream is amazing and so moisturizing for winter and the exfoliator is like heaven in a jar, leaving your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
charity navigator
8. Charity Donation
Nothing beats the gift of giving back, which is one of the many reasons a charity donation is always on my Christmas list. In previous years, this has involved donating to Mental Health America, Global Fund for Women and The Trevor Project. All three are amazing organizations with very different goals at the heart of them. We thoroughly recommend finding a charity of significance to you and gifting a donation in your own name or that of someone you love.
Villa Palmier vacation
9. Experience | Villa Palmier

Time is one of the most overlooked treasures of all, so why not give the gift of quality time in the form of an experience? Villa Palmier in St Bart’s has been on my “dream vacay” list for YEARS and I'll 100% be visiting at some point in 2020, even if it means gifting it to myself!

Explore Villa Palmier

10. Babaa |  Jumper Woman no17 Acacia 
I don't know about you but I love being given sweaters, often because they're more daring than the neutral designs I'd buy for myself. Rumor also has it we should be embracing bold color this season, not only because it's on-trend but because it can positively affect our psyche! We love this oversized canary yellow sweater from Babaa; made from 100% natural wool which has been compiled, spun and dyed by local Spanish artisans.  

La Loma Linen Blanket
11. Coyuchi | La Loma Linen Quilt

As you may have gathered, I have a bit of a thing for linen, but I'm not the only one! I could go on forever about all its qualities, but this quilt pretty much sums it up. I love the natural simplicity of the design, with a subtle hand-stitched diamond pattern on natural, undyed linen. The quality of manufacturing is so clear and, what's more, its weight and breathability make it suitable all year round.

Lucy Williams Missoma collaboration tiny horn anklet
12. Lucy x Missoma | Tiny Horn Anklet

This gorgeous, 18ct gold vermeil anklet was designed by my equally gorgeous friend Lucy Williams as part of her extremely successful ongoing collaboration with Missoma. This piece is one of my personal favorites; it's delicate yet hardwearing and flattering yet edgy... just a few of the unique qualities that only a style queen like Lucy can achieve! 

antique linen pillows
13. Frances Loom | Handmade Pillows
And last but by no means least we have our very own pillows! I've been told time and time again how they make amazing, unique gifts, and there really is no bigger compliment! As our first collection was so popular, we've been busy sourcing fabric and hand-sewing lots more in time for Christmas. There's a huge variety of styles and sizes available, including a rare antique diamond-weave linen which I absolutely adore.

 Buy here - from $105

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