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Have yourself a Frances Loom Christmas

For us, a huge part of Christmas is the act of making; pop on some Bublé, pour yourself a mulled wine and get creative. Not only does this get you in a thoroughly festive mood, it's also a great way to entertain and save some money along the way.

Whether you're looking for an afternoon of activities for you and the family, or a simple yet effective way to spruce up your dining table, our Christmas Styling Guide helps bring the feel of Frances Loom into your own home.


Foraged foliage garlands are our forté - we've made several for our Christmas shoots and always put a lot of love into our own. We tend to go for natural greenery such as evergreen branches, eucalyptus and snowberries, occasionally finishing it off with a string of led lights woven through it. 

Garlands are particularly good if, like me, you have a fireplace but lack space for a tree - they effectively achieve the same thing, without taking up so much room.

stockings hanging on a fire place

The Pops & Piaf online shop is one of our favorite for  vintage and classic items. We love this antique cup nestled in amongst the fireplace garland and it doubles up really nicely as a candle holder. Sadly they don't yet ship to the US but they do have a great styling portfolio which is definitely worth a look!
Pops & Piaf | Vintage etched cup with wreath design - £12.50

Pops & Piaf etched gold cup

Don't forget to finish off your fireplace display with a Frances Loom Stocking for each family member!

 Frances Loom Christmas stocking 

Table Decorations

Save a few branches of eucalyptus to dress up your dining table with a really simple yet effective centrepiece. Unlike evergreen, eucalyptus stays pretty much intact so there's no need to worry about plating up a piece of greenery.

We suggest keeping candlesticks to a minimum to avoid any potential accidents. Instead, make an impact by using a statement candlestick holder like the four-armed Heima Candlestick, or ribbed tapers from the Matilda Goad.

Christmas table decorations

According to Nordic mythology Heima means ‘home’ or ‘the world’. We love the uneven surface of this cast iron candlestick, which is said to be a tribute to industrial craftsmanship. What's more, the gently rounded shapes make a traditional object brilliantly modern.

Normann Copenhagen Heima 4-armed Candlestick - $71 / £50

Heima 4 armed candlestick

Matilda Goad's elegant tapers are handmade in England and feature a unique ribbed design. Made from pure beeswax, the candles are said to have many health benefits as well as being pleasing to the eye for up eight hours of burning time. Matilda's a great friend of ours and she also makes amazing accessories for the home so do check her out!

Matilda Goad | Beeswax candles - £42 for a pack of 6

Matilda Goad beeswax candles


As I'm sure you all know by now, my business partner Heather is pretty innovative when it comes to all things Interiors! Having struggled to find the ornaments she wanted for quite some time, she took to making her own out of a pre-loved, acrylic drop chandelier. Together, we de-assembled the whole thing, weaving velvet ribbon through the hole of each pendant and tying a simple bow. 

Handmade chandelier baubles
We also stumbled across these gorgeous wood bead ornaments on Etsy. Each one has been handmade by Julie Louise using natural untreated wood and jute string. 
Etsy | Wood bead ornaments - $7.82 / £5.96 for two
wood bead Christmas bauble


We always opt for plain recycled brown packaging paper,  not only because of its environmental benefits but because it makes the perfect base for personalised present toppers. We love these DIY sleighbell and mistletoe decorations by Honestly WTF and are about to make them ourselves using the leftover velvet ribbon! 

Hand wrapped gifts
Our final tip is to use sugar cane stickers as a sustainable alternative to sellotape! They're cheap to buy, naturally biodegradable and, if that isn't enough, it means that fighting with a roll of tape is finally a thing of the past!
Pure Labels | 1" Circle Labels - $19.95 for 25 sheets
sugar cane stickers

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