5 reasons why trendsetters love our antique rugs.

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1. Curated with a Designer's Eye 


Every rug in our collection is hand-picked by me, Heather, interior designer and owner of Frances Loom. Each and every rug is one I'd have in my own home. Trust my eye to feel confident that any rug you choose will be a gorgeous addition to your home.

2. Unmatched Quality


Our rugs are around 100 years old - the craftsmanship and handwork done during this era is so endurable and solid that all of the rugs are sure to last another lifetime with you, in your home. That beauty is here to stay.

3. Unique and Distinctive


In the age of mass production, a Frances Loom rug is the very opposite - one of a kind. No two are the same, each one a special stand alone piece that will set your space apart. Add a true heritage piece to your space for depth and uniqueness.

4. Exceptional Service


We value our community and customers. We pride ourselves on our repeat buyers. We prioritize accurate descriptions and photos and always engage closely with you to be sure you're happy. If you're not happy, we'll work with you to find a solution.

5. Complete the Look


In addition to gorgeous antique rugs, I've also curated home accessories, art and special pieces to add even more character into your space. Our textiles are so dreamy and it all works together to fill out a beautiful space.

Our FL community.

We couldn't do it without you.

"My rug's beautiful and unusual, the perfect size, aged to match where it will go (really important), and priced so fairly."

Anny C.

"I LOVE it. Can't wait to put it in my office. Thanks so much for stocking the most beautiful rugs."

Chole B.

"I have so much trust in the FL team! Could buy any rug because of confidence in your taste and knowledge :)"

Pam M

"Absolutely love your color palettes, the way you curate rugs, and how you display them."

Amelie M.

Bring effortless charm and texture to your home.

Signature antique rugs, cozy soft furnishings, and original artworks.

Meet Heather

Heather nurtured a passion for renovation and interiors while building tech companies. She's designed all of her own spaces, many of which have been published in interior magazines and blogs (and they’re some of the most loved images on Frances Loom’s Instagram). Heather lives for that signature Frances Loom look: layered, eclectic, and interesting—yet peaceful.

“Collecting special pieces over time is what really tells your story through your home - what you're about, what you're attracted to, where you've been. The layered, eclectic look is really the Frances Loom vibe.”

 - Heather