Recreating Gwyneth's Living Room

This living room has made the rounds, and it's so easy to see why. It's soft but very cool and that freestanding bar is stunning. To try and bring this vibe into your own space, I think the essentials of the look are modern shapes, a few standout pieces, gold and nude/pink/grey color palette, bits of black and brass scattered around. Honestly, all my favorites!
Gwyneth Paltrow's living room


Every living room's foundation is a sofa, and even though it's not seen much here, neutral but modern keeps with the theme. Throw on a couple of our ochre and shearling cushions for extra color and coziness.


The two pink etcetera chairs are so good. I do love these, but what we're looking for here is that color and something sculptural. Which of the three is your fav?
High | Medium | Low 

 The marble bar

The biggest statement in the room is that marble! A whole bar is likely out of scope, but you can bring touches of it in with smaller items. A quick search of Chairish gives us lots of options:

Alabaster Book Ends | Jewelry Jar | BowlObelisk 

The Art

The art above the fireplace is a great DIY project if ever I saw one. You can get inexpensive canvases and follow this video for perfect lettering. Pick a black frame to tie it in. (Or maybe you can find a nicer one?)

The Mirror

That mirror on the wall is special. It looks handmade or old, but you can get an organic mirror in brass through shape. This etsy find is great!


You can get hold of Gwyneth's Paradise Chandelier for an eye watering $50,000, but I also found a couple of more affordable options with a similar feel. I feel like all three have an ethereal vibe going on - not too precious, but very pretty. Kind of the theme of the room.

The table

This little one is a similar shape and ties all the colours and materials together perfectly. 

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