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Spaces we'd love to be quarantined in

Quarantine has got us reassessing what's important in all areas of our lives, including our homes! Whether you're spending it in a large or small space, alone or in company, the chances are you're noticing features for the first time and appreciating even the smallest of details. Something it's definitely reaffirmed for me is that our homes are our sanctuaries and good, functional design is everything. 
Bringing the outdoors in is high up there on my list of quarantine priorities. I'm obsessed with these beautiful patios with big, sturdy tables and plenty of seating. 

I'm really into the mismatched wooden stools and intimate lighting here! It'd be the perfect spot for late-night scopa once this is over.

country patio with large wooden table, wild flowers and pretty crockerysource: Pinterest, Fay Louis 
If the freshly baked bread and panoramic views aren't already doing it for you then the homegrown veg and  wildflowers must be!  
French windows with light linen curtainssource: Pinterest, This is Glamorous

French windows and linen curtains are a match made in heaven at the best of times, but no more so than now! They have such a romantic feel to them and they're also really practical; many fabrics absorb heat and become sun-damaged over time, but linen stays nice and cool.

sun drenched conservatory source: Pinterest, Imgur

 This extension is all kinds of dreamy right now! I love that it's slightly below ground level, giving it a cozy, burrow-like feel.

Heather's picks 

bright kitchen with glass doors, high ceilings, wooden floors and a large dining table and stoveSource: DIY is Fun
 Big open spaces with tall ceilings are an absolute priority for Heather. The monochrome color palette feels really fresh, while the accents of natural wood and a jute rug add a little coziness.
source: Pinterest, Lau de Paris

This staircase is pretty ingenious in our opinion; the angular design effectively breaks up a huge open plan space to create a sense of two manageable downstairs rooms.

Finding the right balance between character and clutter is an art in itself, and the writer Brad Goldfarb has mastered it in the New York City apartment he shares with Alfredo Parades! Extra kudos for Sid the dog too - I would give practically anything for some canine company right now!

 & finally, no great quarantine space is complete without a good bathtub...

A white room, leading through a dark corridor to a beautiful modern bathtub - designed by Jake Alexander Arnoldsource: @jakealexanderarnold

We're obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens' deliciously minimalist, slightly moody bathroom, designed by the wonderful Jake Alexander Arnold.

country bathroom with mint wood panelling and an antique rug - designed by James Coviellosource: @james_coviello
Equally, as charming is this country bathroom by James Coviello. We love the wooden wall panelling in that lovely mint color, and we're obviously a huge sucker for the antique rug!

Wherever you're spending quarantine, we hope this brings you a little joy and comfort! Take care & stay safe everyone.

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