Introducing Heather

From tech to interiors - this is an exciting new chapter!

Hi guys, Heather here! I feel like I already know you, and you know a fair bit about me – or at least my design aesthetic. I became Kelly's business partner a little over a year ago, but you’ve been seeing pics of my apartments in London since Kelly moved here about 3 years ago. Together we plan to grow the business, by adding more of the things we love to the shop. I’ve spent the last 10 years building tech companies and am now excited to grow a company around something I love – interiors.
Kelly & Heather of Frances Loom
Kelly & I on our first buying trip in Lille / photo credit below: Lissi Waite
Heather's mural wall
My design style is constantly evolving. One of the best things about moving is getting to completely start from scratch on a new home – and I have moved a lot. Sometimes you might be able to see some continuity (like the famous green sofa) and other times it looks like someone completely different designed it. But there are a few consistencies; I like unique pieces and to mix design eras and styles. I want it to feel eclectic and be full of things that I like. Not exactly a professional strategy, but I am such a homebody (and a libra), so I need to LOVE being home.  For me, that means it smells good, it’s clean (OCD is real), everything feels yummy and there are funky bits that make me laugh or have a great story.
living room in Heather's Victorian Notting Hill flat
photo credit: Kjrsten Madsen
When I first moved to London, my first home was a warehouse-style flat in Clerkenwell (there are more photos on Apartment Therapy). As it was a big open space it needed strong pieces that could float on their own (thus the big bold green sofa). The rugs really needed to anchor different spaces – I chose bold pieces; some antique Turkish and Moroccan, paired with geometric monochrome rugs. The flat had an overall punchy masculine vibe, which went well with the brick walls and industrial windows.  
Heather's Clerkenwell apartment with large industrial windows
photo credit: David Telford 
When I moved to Notting Hill, the flat was a much more classic London style with a Victorian terrace. It was spread over three floors with great old mouldings and fireplaces. I still had the green sofa, but to make it work, I swapped the geometric black and white pieces with softer jute and paler antique rugs, like the gorgeous yellow one in the kitchen. The floors in this flat were near black so all of the colours really jumped off of them. When I added the antique Heriz to the bedroom, it completely changed the feel in there. I’m always switching things around – it's never done!
Heather's master bedroom in Notting Hill with large antique Heriz
photo credit: David Telford
Heather's kitchen in Victorian Notting Hill flat with antique rug
In 2017 I finally bought my own place and gut renovated it. Although my smallest renovation by square feet, it was certainly my most challenging - I didn't move in until December 2018! Unlike the vibrant colours of the years before, this time I wanted a very soothing, nearly all-white feel; I chose muted tones for the rugs, including lots of pale pinks and tans. I love this flat, but am still searching for the "perfect" rug for the master bedroom. Although the popular picture we posted of the room had a pale Heriz, it felt a bit too traditional for me and I’ve currently got a Beni Ourain in there. :)  The floors in this flat are a mid-tone brown and most rugs I’ve tried have gotten a bit lost, so I’ve layered them on top of white and cream wool rugs to get the vibe I was going for. 
Heather's master bedroom in the Marylebone apartment
photo credit: Billy Bolton
Heather's sitting room in Marylebone apartment featuring antique rug
The Collection I’ve curated for Frances Loom really reflects all of the flats – some of the rugs are vibrant and some are muted, but most are pinks, purples and aquas (where you can find them). I hope you like them – some of them were hard to part with (have you seen Mary-Kate & Ashley?? Gah!)
PS. for more photos of my current apartment, check out our previous blog post.

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